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All the Lights are Upside Down (WIP)

This film delves into the interzone of history and visual poetry, intertwining the lives of modern underclass rebels with the historical underclasses of South China Sea pirates and the inhabitants of the Kowloon Walled City. Drawing parallels between these groups, we discover their shared experiences of defying unjust laws through community organization and mutual aid. They are the vilified outlaws challenging the status quo, prompting us to question the discrepancies between law and morality. Through this delicate discourse, the audience is invited to examine the manipulative power of language in shaping our understanding of history. Against the backdrop of the 2019 Anti-extradition Protests, the film critiques the government's biased narrative, casting pro-democracy protesters as criminals and outlaws by using terms like "black violence" and "traitors" to divert public discourse and rewrite history in favor of those in power.

Test Reel

The film is currently being researched, written, and shot. Here is a test reel to give a sense of the general aesthetic in the story telling. 

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